California Tailor: The Sum of Its Parts


Today we’d like to introduce you to a gorgeously designed and, dare we say, tailored shirt. It’s called Shirt No. 1 and it’s the first of many excellent pieces to be released by California Tailor, the brand of designer Gill McLean, a very skilled friend of a friend. With the official product launch at the beginning of last month, Gill has already received a lot of praise and attention!

California Tailor, and Shirt No. 1, is a beautiful intersection of classic London style and sunny, relaxed LA personality. But we think we could rock it here in Maine, too. Personally, we’re partial to the stripes… we do so love stripes! And the location shots are almost enough to warm us up here in Maine. Almost.

Shirt No. 1 first struck us with its beautiful lines, quality, and textile patterns. But the story is what resonated and why we are compelled to share it with you. Gill is an accomplished woman and designer turned entrepreneur. She has created a product and business that are sophisticated, thoughtful and expertly executed. Material, design and process, and attention to detail are paramount. The shirts are made locally in LA, to boot. This shirt is definitely a worthy wardrobe addition!

Stay tuned for a surprise next Monday…!

Cheers, Blair







All photos provided by Gill McLean.

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